Daily Giz Wiz 749: iCap

Episode 749 of the podcast

Subject: Review of iCap
Released:Thursday 22 January 2009
Length:about 18 minutes
Download file:dgw0749.mp3 (8 MB)

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Short info

Hear audio straight from your baseball cap with iCap.

Detailed information

Another find from CES 2009, the iCap MP3 Player is a specially constructed baseball cap with an MP3 Player slotted into a cut-out in the front flap of the cap.  The package comes with a clip for attaching the MP3 player to your own cap or elsewhere.

The MP3 player comes with 1GB storage, a microSD card slot for expansion, FM tuner, and built-in speakers (with surround sound).  The idea is you don't need to listen to it through the earphones, which may save your life in certin circumstances.  It is detachable and can be used as a stand-alone player too, and you can also listen to it with your earphones (which are also included).  It has a buillt-in microphone for voice recording.  The rechargeable Lithium polymer battery is replaceable, and the player supports MP3 and WMA (including Windows Media DRM-9 and DRM-10 files).  The stand-alone player weighs about 2.65 ounces.

Dick thinks that a combination of the iCap, the Cell-Mate (Episode 744) and the nPower PEG (Episode 748) from yesterday would look great, if you could survive the dorkdom.  Dick isn't going to walk down the streets of New York "with his head playing".

A Political Scientist at TWiT

Leo was earlier broadcasting the feed of Barack Obama's Inauguration when he discovered that Dane Golden, a major in policital science, knew who all the politicians were.  Little did Leo know that Dane was just bluffing him.

The Letters C, H and P

Stefan from Sweden and Jeremy on the TWiT Army write in to explain the letters C, H, and P for APS film's different aspect ratios (Episode 745).  They also point out that you could decide which aspect ratio you wanted, when you had the Advantix rolls of film developed into prints.

A Bout of Amnesia

At the beginning of this recording session, Dick and Leo thought that they had already recorded Episode 749, and so started with Episode 750, a Gadget Warehouse Friday show.  A little bird tipped off Dane Golden who told Leo about the missing Episode 749.  Dick then realised that he thought he had done it because he had earlier talked about the iCap on Leo's radio show - which drew a complete blank from Leo.

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