Daily Giz Wiz 751: ioSafe

Episode 751 of the podcast

Subject: Review of ioSafe
Released:Monday 26 January 2009
Length:about 23 minutes
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Short info

Keep your data secure even in a disaster with ioSafe.

Detailed information

Dick went to CES 2009 early to attend a demo of the new product from ioSafe.  The ioSafe Solo is a USB2 external hard drive, but it's no ordinary CompUSA External HDD Enclosure (Episode 67).  It has a specially designed and constructed enclosure that is "indestructible", or disaster resistant.  It can stay immersed in water up to 10 feet deep for 72 hours, and withstand heat up to 1550° (or about 760°), which will protect the hard drive in case of flooding or fire.  Choices of capacity of 500GB, 1TB or 1.5TB.  The disaster protection does come at a price - in terms of size and weight.  It's about 5" x 7" x 11" and weighs 15 pounds.  The price includes 3 years of warranty and a year of $1,000 disaster data recovery.

Ordeal by Fire and Water

The Solo Demo was one of the best CES demos Dick attended.  The Solo was thrown into a swimming pool, and then put into a furnace with the temperature rising to 1200°F and up.  After the ordeal by water and fire, the hard drive was retrieved from its steaming case, connected to a computer, and the data was still safe.

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On the Road to Recovery

Ian Johnson from Vancouver discovered th Daily Giz Wiz about 6 months ago, around the time he broke up with his girlfriend of 7 years' standing.  He couldn't get enough of the DGW and has now listened to the entire back catalogue.  The slogan in the Monday Theme "The worse your life is, the better we sound" particularly resonates with Ian.

Jingle Submissions

Ian Johnson is a musician himself, and he wonders if Dick and Leo receive a lot of theme songs and jingle submissions.  He has a few ideas for the Mail Bag and may in due course submit a theme or two.

The First DGW Jingle

Dick asks Leo which was the first DGW jingle.  In a rare moment of lucidity, Leo remembers, correctly, that it was Mark Blasco's Opening Theme, which he wrote on a geek cruise.  Then the first listener-submitted jingle was Paul Minshall's D-A-I-L-Y Closing Theme (or the gravy jingle).  George Wood then arrived on the scene and more recently Dan Lueders.  Not bad for someone who can't remember the iCap from the radio show just a few weeks ago.

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