Daily Giz Wiz 753: ClickFree Cable

Episode 753 of the podcast

ClickFree Cable
Subject: Review of ClickFree Cable
Released:Wednesday 28 January 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0753.mp3 (7.3 MB)

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Short info

Change any USB hard drive into a Clickfree backup drive with the Clickfree Transformer Cable.

Detailed information

From the makers of Clickfree Backup Drive (Episode 629) and Clickfree DVD Backup (Episode 639) comes another innovation, and this time with a lot more freedom.  The Clickfree Transformer looks like a USB extension cable, but plug it into a USB port, plug any USB External HDD into the other end of the Transformer, and the software which is bundled into the Transformer will automatically back up your data on to the hard drive.  You can use any number of hard drives, back up any number of computers, with one single Transformer.

Cheque's in the Mail

Ray from Nashville wants very much to make a donation to the TWiT Network but doesn't want to sign up to PayPal, and wonders if there's a PO Box to which he can send his cheque.  Leo is grateful for the thought but encourages payment through PayPal, because of convenience and because a periodic payment lets Leo know how much commitment there is in the long run.  Ray can send his donation to PO Box 1018, Petaluma, California, 94953, US of A.

The chatroom also reminds Ray that you can still make a one-time payment using his credit card on the TWiT site, without signing up to PayPal.

Bill Gaines's Evil Twin Brother

Bill Gaines hated having to fire his staff, and when he had to do it, he got his evil twin brother to do the dirty work for him.

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