Daily Giz Wiz 755: Panasonic CPA

Episode 755 of the podcast

Panasonic CPA
Subject: Review of Panasonic CPA
Released:Friday 30 January 2009
Length:about 34 minutes
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Short info

From the Gadget Warehouse: The Panasonic CPA.

Detailed information

Thanks to a reminder by listener Steve Horlick, Dick talks about the Panasonic CPA - the Check Printing Accountant.  From 15 to 20 years ago, this gadget looked like a thick calculator, which could print out your cheques (you would have to type in the details on the tiny qwerty keyboard), and even balance your cheque book.  Dick saw the demo, did not want to try it for himself, and did not want one for himself, not even for the Gadget Warehouse.

The Five Boroughs of New York

Dick and Leo discuss what is a "borough" in New York.  Find out a bit more from Wikipedia.

Landing on the Hudson River

Dick was alerted to the landing by Chesley Sullenberger of the US Airways jet on the Hudson River, but was advised that boat owners should not go down the river to where the jet landed.

Butter and Margarine

Leo tries to lure Dick to this year's Butter and Eggs Day at Petaluma, on Saturday, 25 April 2009, with Petaluma's Cutest Little Chick.  Leo explains again how the perpetual parade works.  Everyone in town will be in the parade, except Leo, as he has to do the radio show.  Jennifer will be in it, doing her zumba class.  The theme of this year's 28th Annual Parade is "Recycle, Reuse, Remember".

The Fragrance of Petaluma

Two times of the year, in the spring and the fall, Petaluma has a fragrance pervading the town.  It's when the farmers lay down the fertilisers.  If you can't get enough of Petaluma talk by Dick and Leo, try the Petaluma Ristorante in Manhattan.

Mad In Your Eye

Dick has uncovered a case of trade paperbacks "Here's Mad In Your Eye".  Available at BuyMadStuff.

Stop Scrolling

One used to have to keep scrolling down on Dick's website to see all his stuff.  With a little help from Ludwik and GoToMeeting, Dick has finally given his stuff its own pages.

Nerdy Pleasure

Listener Andrew started watching Leo on ZDTV back in his high school days, when it was a nerdy pleasure for him.  A few years ago he was glad to find Leo's new podcasting empire.  He has recently discovered a gadget which is exactly what he has for a long time been hoping for and would very much like Leo to do a review of it.  It's the Car Camera Voyager Pro with GPS Logger from Brick House Security.  It has an internal "event" sensor for detecting speed, braking, acceleration and impact.  It constantly records a video, with GPS logging, on to an SD card, and will retain 10 seconds prior to and 30 seconds after an "event".  Plug the SD card into a computer and you can watch the video with your car's GPS location.

Another Record

Dick and Leo are enjoying themselves in this recording session.  Yesterday was a half-hour show, and today, at 33:55, this is the longest episode of DGW.

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