Daily Giz Wiz 760: Aiwa Cassette Player

Episode 760 of the podcast

Aiwa Cassette Player
Subject: Review of Aiwa Cassette Player
Released:Friday 6 February 2009
Length:about 15 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Awia Cassette Player

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Dick acquired this portable cassette player recorder in about 1991.  The AIWA HS-JX707 was released between 1991 and 1993 as a high-end product, had an all metal casing, and used the then common rechargeable lead acid batteries (although it used the also common AAA battery screw-on compartment).  By 1991, the Walkman-style cassette player was already in decline, but that didn't stop AIWA from jamming this gadget with features, including an external microphone for recording, wired remote, AM/FM tuner with 10 memory presets, and other sound enhancements (all with abbreviations or acronyms that make little sense to Dick now), with numerous controls on the case.

As Dick observes, little can be found on the internet about this cassette player recorder, except on auction sites (many in Asia).  According to this Chinese website, some of the acronyms mean:

BBE - BBE High Definition Sound - a sound technology developed by a company called BBE Sound Inc (tempting as it is to think it's bass boost or boom bass enhancement).  The HS-JX707 offered 2 levels of BBE.  [By the way, "BBE" stands for the original company name Barcus-Berry Electronics, with which musicians may be more familiar.]

DSL - Dynamic Super Linear Bass - a bass enhancement technology developed by AIWA itself

PLSS - Personal Listening Sound System - Then, as now, people blasted music into their own ears which also annoyingly leaked through the earbuds, especially the high frequency sounds.  In those days, people cared, and AIWA developed the PLSS which, when turned on, reduced such leakage, so that those around you wouldn't need to "wow and flutter" when you listened to Leo's falsetto.

Dolby NR - Dolby Noise Reduction System (with a choice of Dolby B or Dolby C!)

Automatic Daily-Theme Ringtone Switcher for Windows Mobile

Dennis Wright from Manchester, England (Episodes 606, 724) wants to use the daily theme from his favourite podcast as the ringtone for each day of the week on his Windows Mobile phone.  Not easy if you want the phone to switch automatically, so Dennis has written some computer code to accomplish the feat, and published the full instructions on his site "Hasta la vista, Vista!" (or snipurl.com/dailyringtone), including the program and theme files.  Now Dick is ready to take over the world.

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