Daily Giz Wiz 762: MSI Wind

Episode 762 of the podcast

MSI Wind
Subject: Review of MSI Wind
Released:Tuesday 10 February 2009
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

Leo has gone with the Wind with the 10-inch, Atom N270, 1.3-megapixel camera, MSI Wind netbook.

Detailed information

The MSI Wind


Link: MSI Mobile

Leo was going to do this device last week, but didn't have it with him at TWiT Cottage.  As promised, today he covers the new MSI Wind, a new netbook from MSI.  When Leo saw TWiT Editor Tony Wang flaunting his Dell Mini running Mac OSX, Leo vowed to have his own Hackintosh, went ahead and bought the MSI Wind, which is made by the same OEM.
The Netbook category has come a long way since the Asus Eee PC (Episode 447).  The MSI Wind uses an Intel Atom CPU, 1 GB of RAM, a 10" LED-backlit display (1024 x 600), a reasonable size keyboard, XP Home, 10.23" x 7.08" x 1.24" in dimensions and weighing 2.3 pounds (with a 3-cell battery).  2.5" SATA HDD, built-in webcam and microphone, speakers, WiFi (b/g), bluetooth (including stereo support), SD card slot.
Leo put Mac OSX on it too, but in the end installed the new Windows 7 Beta.  Jennifer saw it, liked it, and purloined it.

Saving the Economy

Leo has been on a spending spree, buying up notebooks galore.  He's planning to save the economy single-handedly.

TWiT Picks

Colleen has written up a review of the MSI Wind on TWiT Picks (or use tinyurl.com/windpick), and you can buy the picks there through the Amazon Associate programme.

The Laser-Engraved Tech Guy

Leo got a package and a typewritten letter through the snail mail.  Listener John A Voss heard Leo confess to be a pen junkie many times, and has hand-crafted a "cigar pen" specially for Leo, made of South American Boxwood with the laser-engraved words "The Tech Guy".

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