Daily Giz Wiz 769: Joby Zivio Bluetooth Headset

Episode 769 of the podcast

Joby Zivio Bluetooth Headset
Subject: Review of Joby Zivio Bluetooth Headset
Released:Thursday 19 February 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Get clearer conversations with the telescoping boom mic, magnetic earpiece, Joby Zivio Bluetooth Headset.

Detailed information

From the makers of the popular Gorillapod (Episode 151), the Zivio Boom by Joby is another bluetooth headset, in an already crowded market in Dick's words, but with a few neat features.  It has a boom mic at the end of a telescoping retractable flexible metal extension to bend it towards your mouth, with noise cancellation.  It has interchangeable earbuds in different sizes (mushroom or scoop shape) to fit your ears.  The earbud sits on a "ball and socket joint" which can tilt and rotate to give you the best comfort.  An optional earloop can be purchased, which attaches to the Zivio magnetically, to give you extra stability.

There are big tactile + and - buttons for volume adjustments, and pressing both at the same time mute or unmute the mic.  Tap the big round button at the top to answer a call, hold it down to hang up and perform other functions with this button.  The Zivio comes with a USB cable and an AC adapter,  You can charge the Zivio via USB or an AC outlet.  The AC adapter has 2 USB ports, so you can charge another USB device (such as your phone) at the same time.  And overall, it has a sleek look and design - as sleek as a Borg could possibly look.

Condemner Reports

Dick explains the hoops Consumer Reports has to jump through these days to give a full, responsible, and up-to-date review.  Leo reads the publication religiously and still sticks to Consumer Reports' shampoo recommendation, even though Jennifer continues to pooh-pooh Pert Shampoo.  Dick also confirms Bad Channelz's query from the Chatroom that he wrote Mad's satire pieces Condemner Reports.  And mazzingmazz from the Chatroom likes Dick's report, and has ordered one before the end of the recording session.

Audible Appreciation

Mr Foolish decided to check out Audible after listening to one Daily Giz Wiz episode in one of his ever-growing sleepless nights and was instantly hooked.  He also likes the occasional freebies from Audible.  Now he can't wait to read the books.

Helluva of a Town
Learn about the local geography of New York City, how Madison and Amsterdam Avenues intersect, or not, the Bronx and the Battery, and hear a performance of "New York, New York", the one from Bernstein's "On The Town".

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