Daily Giz Wiz 77: Belkin Travel Router

Episode 77 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Belkin Travel Router
Released:Tuesday 6 June 2006
Length:about 11 minutes
Download file:dgw0077.mp3 (5 MB)

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Short info

Travel lightly and wirelessly with the Belkin Wireless G Travel Router $70

Detailed information

A handy travel wireless-G router/access point.

Amber MacArthur

Recorded at the Gurei Restaurant in Toronto, this episode features the lovely Amber MacArthur trying to protect other customers from Dick and Leo.  She is the first guest ever of DGW.
Also the only guest to have appeared on DGW.

DGW is No.1

Dick and Leo's begging finally worked.  DGW topped the May '06 vote on Podcast Alley.
Now the gloating begins.

May '06 What The Heck Is It?

It's the Pak-Lite.  Go to Episode 87 for how it works.

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