Daily Giz Wiz 771: Sea Sucker

Episode 771 of the podcast

Sea Sucker
Subject: Review of Sea Sucker
Released:Monday 23 February 2009
Length:about 23 minutes
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Short info

Attach gadgets to your bulkhead without drilling holes with the vacuum-cup Sea Sucker.

Detailed information

Dick was at the Miami Boat Show 2 weeks ago, and he has brought back some marine accessories.  The Seasucker is one of them.  It's not the marine equivalent of the Purseguard (Episode 406) to secure your anchor, nor a barnacle remover, as Leo guesses.  It's a device for mounting your gadgets and other possessions securely to the boat without drilling holes.  A SeaSucker is a vacuum cup from which you pump the air out until the red indicator disappears, when you can attach your belongings.  It can hold attachments weighing 120 lbs or 210 lbs depending on the size of the SeaSucker, available in 4.5" and 6" models.  You can also "daisychain" SeaSuckers together on an aluminium track or on a SeaSucker Bridge to increase the load.

Seat Sucker

The SeaSucker would be perfect for attaching Leo to his fitness ball, and he could parade himself too on Butter and Eggs Day.  It would be called the Seat Sucker.  Dr Mark Sukoenig (eyedocmark) from the Chatroom chips in:  If a psychic had a SeaSucker, it would be called a seersucker.

Wizneyland Guest

Leo has had his share of visitors at the TWiT Cottage while recording, and Dick has his first guest in his studio, Bob Butcher, an engineer on Metro North.

TWiT Cottage Plus

TWiT is expanding again, taking up another room upstairs.  Dick calls it TWiT Cottage Plus.

Bill's Law

According to Dick's naval architect, if water is gushing into your boat through a one-inch hole, you need to drill a 2-inch hole in order to get the water out.  The rule of thumb is to double the size of the hole.

Multi-Colour Sporks

Scott Kingsley (Chatroom handle: ibreakfortwit) loves the Daily Giz Wiz, except for Tuesdays.  It's most unflattering when the Tricaster zooms in to find Leo under his desk.  He suggests that Dick just give Leo multi-colour sporks to end his misery.

The Energy Detective

Dick and Leo have talked about the power monitor Kill A Watt and Kill A Watt PS before, most recently when a Canadian listener wrote in to say that it was available on loan from his local library in Ajax, Ontario (Epiosode 721).  Scott has an alternative, which his library also lends out.  It's The Energy Detective (TED) at theenergydetective.com.

A Gold Star for Dick

Dick wants to get a gold star (or whatever colour is available) for his icon in the IRC Chatroom, preferably with a royal crown and a sceptre.  Darth Emma will be crowning or knighting Dick as a Mod.

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