Daily Giz Wiz 774: Rebit Backup

Episode 774 of the podcast

Rebit Backup
Subject: Review of Rebit Backup
Released:Thursday 26 February 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
Download file:dgw0774.mp3 (7.5 MB)

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Short info

Easily back up absolutely everything on your hard drive continually with the Rebit Backup.

Detailed information

Dick and Leo play Let's Make a Deal.  With a choice of a prepared gadget and "What's In the Box?", Leo always chooses the latter.  With his trusty OpenX (Episode 164), Dick opens the package, revealing the Rebit, an external USB backup hard drive (with a choice of 160, 320 or 500GB) with pre-installed software (for Windows XP and Vista) which, when connected to your computer, backs up your entire working hard drive automatically.  The backup includes everything, data, applications and Windows system files.  It also backs up different versions of the same file, and to that extent is similar to Mac's Time Machine.  Recovery is done via Windows Explorer through drag and drop.  If you need to restore Windows itself, you can boot up with the supplied CD to restore the entire Windows installation without the need to rebuild it.

Another Dane Fact

When Leo gets slapped in the face, Dane says, "Ouch!"  Another entry for the Dane Facts?

A Business Proposition

Paul Cyopick, of Daily Tech Tip, has a brilliant idea for Dick which Dick missed when he talked about the Time Square gathering, with no bathroom breaks, every New Year's Eve in Episode 733.  He should be selling the UroClub (Episode 598).  Dick suggests that Dane go to New York and start selling them, and Dane says, "Anything involving Time Square and ur in, I'm in."

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