Daily Giz Wiz 776: Rubik's TouchCube

Episode 776 of the podcast

Rubik's TouchCube
Subject: Review of Rubik's TouchCube
Released:Monday 2 March 2009
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Catch the craze all over again with the motion-detecting, accelerometer-based, touch sensor Rubik's Touch Cube.

Detailed information

Dick attended the Toy Fair in New York 2 weeks ago and one of the exhibits was the classic puzzle Rubik's Cube, now available in electronic form, called Rubik's TouchCube.  The original cube sold 350 million copies.  The new TouchCube, developed by TechnoSource, it features a touch technology to enable a swiping action to move the coloured lighted squares around.  An accelerometer detects the positioning of the cube so that teh swiping action is restricted only to the top-facing side.

You can pause the game at any time and the built-in memory will restore the state of the puzzle when you last played it.  It can also give you hints, or simply solve the puzzle for you.  Comes with sound effects to choose from, and a display stand which recharges the TouchCube.

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Skype Issue

If Dick's voice sounds less than perfect today, it's because the Skype connection during the recording of the show was a bit rickety.

Dripping Shower Award

Irishman Luigi Benedicenti writes in to inform Dick and Leo that the Daily Giz Wiz has won the Best Shower Podcast at the Dripping Shower Awards, also called the Drippies.  Colleen, dressed in a fetching wet suit and wearing a golden neck chain, accepted the award (2-pound gold shower head with a single encrusted 30-carat diamond in the shape of a teardrop) on behalf of TWiT, who thanked Dane Golden for changing her life, since she walked away with a $50,000 gift basket.

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