Daily Giz Wiz 781: TAD Folding Spork

Episode 781 of the podcast

TAD Folding Spork
Subject: Review of TAD Folding Spork
Released:Monday 9 March 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
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You'll never need another spork with the second-generation, titanium TAD Folding Spork.

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Folding Titanium Spork
Camping Accessory

Leo's classic coverage of the Titanium Spork (Episode 182) has generated a lot of interest in the spork.  This is another suggestion from a listener - TAD Gear's 3-in-1 Folding Titanium Spork.  Also made of titanium, this spork folds out, but is also a bottle cap lifter and tin opener.  It has a pocket clip, and a ring hole at the end for attaching a lanyard.
Snow in New YorkFairway loves the snow in New York.  So do the children who have a fun time in the parks and get free hot chocolate.

An Odd Couple
Not Dick and Leo, but the dog and elephant pair, Bela and Tara, at an animal sanctuary in Tennessee, whom Dick refers to.  The CBS story can be found on YouTube.

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Daylight SavingDaylight Saving time arrived yesterday this year, and Devin Hunter from Portland, Oregon is more than happy with the Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock's lack of automatic adjustment to daylight saving time (Episode 761).  He got a clock with that function, it went well until 2006 when the dates for daylight savings time were changed.  What was a feature of the clock became a real annoyance.

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