Daily Giz Wiz 788: PUR Flavor Options

Episode 788 of the podcast

PUR Flavor Options
Subject: Review of PUR Flavor Options
Released:Wednesday 18 March 2009
Length:about 26 minutes
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Short info

Add taste to your water with the Pur Flavor Options water purifier.

Detailed information

Back in Episode 327, Leo talked about his multi-million-dollar water purifier, the AKAI Water Ioniser.  Dick has a more reasonably-priced option.  Pur Water makes water filtration products including pitchers and faucets, and their new product is just up Dick's street, as he doesn't like the taste of plain water.  Pur's Flavor Options line gives you an array of fruit flavour cartridges, in addition to the water filter.  To add flavour, you simply push the flavour button.  There is also a light indicator to tell you when you should change the filter.

Celebrating with Guinness

To celebrate St Patrick's Day, Leo bought a Corned Beef and Cabbage Pot Pie from Marvin's in Petaluma.  Naturally it came with its own gravy, made with Guinness.

Beatles Rock Band

There's going to be a Beatles version of Rock Band, and Leo might review it later in the year when it comes out.

Leo SingingAndy Hardy doesn't agree with Tom Stidham in Episode 777, and loves Leo's singing.  Signed, Hard Of Hearing, from DC.

MAD Murders The Movies

The last box of "Here's Mad In Your Eye" has sold out too, but Dick has uncovered a special box of "MAD Murders The Movies", a collection of movie parodies, including Groan With The Wind and Mutiny On The Bouncy, written for Leo.  The first printing of this book was shredded fresh off the press by mistake, and the book was released 4 years later.  You can get the book from BuyMadStuff, complete with Pristine Warehouse Yellow.

Leo's Alamanac

One of Leo's Gadget Almanacs was spelt as Leo's Alamanac.  That would be a collector's item.

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