Daily Giz Wiz 789: Fuzz That Wuzz

Episode 789 of the podcast

Fuzz That Wuzz
Subject: Review of Fuzz That Wuzz
Released:Thursday 19 March 2009
Length:about 24 minutes
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Short info

Snuggle your own fuzzy animal that in another life was a pile of plastic bottles with The Fuzz That Wuzz.

Detailed information

Link: Mary Meyer

Fuzz That Wuzz is a line of cuddly soft toys or stuffed animals made from recycled plastic bottles, designed by Mary Meyer.  Each toy contains at least the equivalent of at least 10 plastic bottles that are saved from being dumped into landfills.
The Giz Wiz MusicalLeo has taken yesterday's letter rather too literally.  He's treated it as a licence to write his own libretto and sing to his heart's content.
Railroad Riding in Sonoma Valley
Dick was given a link to people having fun on a hand-car on abandoned railroad tracks in the Sonoma Valley.  Dick is very jealous.  Here's the link.

Whine TrainLeo is still feeling contrite about not having arranged anything for Dick when Dick last visited Petaluma for GizWizLive.  Next time he's going to take Dick on the Napa Wine Train.

Wine Tasting

Dick was once taken to a wine tasting event by Bill Gaines.  At the end of it, he could tell red wine from white.  For more on the story, see Episode 87 and Episode 718.

China Contacts

Ron Schmidt's daughter has worked in Beijing for 15 months, speaks Chinese and teaches English there.  Ron has kindly offered her as a contact for Leo on his Far East tour (from 3rd to 18th July) in case he needs any help.

Leo's China Geek Cruise

Leo studied Chinese (History) at Yale but has never been to China.  He's very excited about this tour, the first week of which will be a land tour, during which he will be visiting places in China including Beijing, Xian (terracotta soldiers), Guilin (the scenic Li River).  The cruise, which starts at Tianjin, will include Cheju Island in South Korea, Fukuoka and Nagasaki in Japan, where Leo would like to take Henry to see the Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for Atomic Bomb Victims.  That's a lot of mileage to cover in 2 weeks, but then Leo is used to doing 10 things at a time.

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