Daily Giz Wiz 790: Minolta Master Camcorder

Episode 790 of the podcast

Minolta Master Camcorder
Subject: Review of Minolta Master Camcorder
Released:Friday 20 March 2009
Length:about 17 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Minolta Master Camcorder.

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The Minolta Master V-1400 was a camcorder from the late 1980's.  Despite its apparent size, it was surprisingly light at 4.4lbs.  It used VHS cassette tapes for HQ recording, had a black and white view finder, and could manage shooting video in 7-lux lighting.  Compared to Leo's recent camcorders, like the Panasonic HDC-SD5 (Episode 407) and the Canon VIXIA HV30 (Episode 552), this looks like a tank.

Animal Companions

In Episode 781, Dick talked about racehorses having friends or companions which have to be shipped with the horses to races.  Jeff Stewart from Texas has his own horses, and one time a horse had to see a vet, and his entire group of horses had to be taken all together.  More recently, he put 3 young horses together, separately from their own families, and then when they were put on the main pasture, they never left one another's side.  He's also heard that elephants have graveyards for the dead.  Somehow, this reminds Leo of his sigmoidoscopy visits when he is always accompanied by Jennifer.

Match Game Memories 2

Don't forget Match Game Memories 2 will on at 5pm (Pacific summer time) and 8pm (Eastern summer time) on 29 March, on TWiTLive.

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