Daily Giz Wiz 792: Rode Camera Mic

Episode 792 of the podcast

Rode Camera Mic
Subject: Review of Rode Camera Mic
Released:Tuesday 24 March 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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Short info

Get audio to suit your 1080p camera with Rode's On-Camera Mic.

Detailed information

A common problem Leo finds with camcorders is the quality of the built-in microphones, and that includes his Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Episode 742) which he uses to take HD video.  He uses a good quality microphone made by Rϕde Microphones, called the Stereo VideoMic.  It has a standard camera shoe-mount for fitting on to camcorders and cameras.  It is a stereo X/Y condenser microphone, with a low noise circuitry, 2-step high pass filter, powered by a 9V battery (with a battery indicator), and is connected to the camcorder via a mini-jack.  Comes with a windshield for the mic.  It may not be as effective as a unidirectional mic as a shotgun mic, but as a super-cardioid mic, it accepts sounds from the front and sides but very little from the back of the microphone.  Leo uses it on his 5D Mark II and his Canon VIXIA HV30 (Episode 552) camcorder.

If you already have a good quality XLR connection microphone, Leo recommends the Beachtek DXA-2S Audio Adapter.

Car Battery Maintainer

John Slanina from California, better known as jammerb on the TWiT Army and the chatroom, recommends the Solar-Powered Battery Saver Plus, from 4lots.com.  Ideal for people who use their cars only rarely, this 1 Watt 12V car battery maintainer which you can put above the dashboard uses solar engery to trickle-charge your car battery to keep it from going flat.

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