Daily Giz Wiz 794: Sensor Plug

Episode 794 of the podcast

Sensor Plug
Subject: Review of Sensor Plug
Released:Thursday 26 March 2009
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Make your power outlet motion sensitive with The Sensor Plug.

Detailed information

Motion-Sensitive Light Switch

The SensorPlug works just like an AC adapter which you plug into an outlet, and to which you connect a lamp.  It has an infrared motion sensor that is triggered by motion, which turns your light on.  You can also connect another appliance instead of a lamp.  There is a switch at the top of the SensorPlug for selecting the "L" position (for a light), and the "O" position, for other appliances.  At the L position, the light will turn on only when the ambient light is low.  The light or appliance will stay on if motion is continuously detected.  Otherwise, it will turn off after 2 to 6 minutes (depending on your setting).

A Clapper at TWiT Cottage

Colleen installed a clapper at the TWiT Cottage, to make Leo feel wanted perhaps.  It didn't quite work as planned.

There's No Free Lunch

Erik Lanigan was about to drop his business card into a Win A Free Lunch bowl, until he noticed the fine print.

Space Lighting

Pat Grosswendt of LitePanels emails Leo during the recording that the Space Station (which Leo has been watching live) has 5 of his Litepanels Mini, just like the TWiT Cottage and Wizneyland.

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