Daily Giz Wiz 799: The Swiss Pen

Episode 799 of the podcast

The Swiss Pen
Subject: Review of The Swiss Pen
Released:Thursday 2 April 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Write upside down, cut paper, unscrew panels, and find your way The Swiss Pen.

Detailed information

A heads-up from a listener whose email Dick has misplaced.  VAT19 is selling the SwissPen X1, which is a pressurised pen, with a whole of other functions, like a Swiss Army knife.  It also has a knife, a pair of scissors, a screwdriver, a nail file, a letter opener and an LED flashlight.

The Digivina Does Not Exist

Yesterday's gadget was a hoax, Leo reveals.  What a shocker!

My Email Buddy

"My Em@il Buddy" is a USB gadget that lights up, does a dance and plays a sound file when an email comes in, shown at CES 2009.  Dick thought it would be a really annoying gadget, one of his more bizarre selections from CES.  German writes in to correct Dick.  He says that you can configure the My Email Buddy to do the routine (itself configurable) only when mail has come in from selected senders.  For a photo of the gadget at CES, click here.

Leo has no recollection that this gadget has been covered on the Daily Giz Wiz.  It wasn't.  Dick did cover it after CES but he only did it on Leo's radio show The Tech Guy Episode 526, but not on this show.

There was a similar home-made gadget called the Availabot (for instant messenger applications).  See Episode 119.

Rubber Stamping

Bill Gaines didn't have a secretary.  He answered letters coming in for MAD using rubber stamps.  His other quirks included berating people for not sending him bills and invoices promptly, and getting upset at Dick for his using one-time only typewriter ribbons.

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