Daily Giz Wiz 8: Oakley Thump 2

Episode 8 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Oakley Thump 2
Released:Wednesday 1 March 2006
Length:about 6 minutes
Download file:dgw0008.mp3 (3 MB)

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Detailed information

The Oakley Thump2 gives you cool shades that can also deliver thumping mp3 music into your ears.  Storage from 256MB to 1GB.  An increased version of the Thump, with increased bass and improved earbuds positioning.  LED indicator for battery level.

Did you know?

When Dick first put the "What The Heck Is It?" contest on his website, it was an easy guess.  Why?  The file name of the picture of the mystery gadget carried the name of the gadget itself.

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Tags: Apparel MP3 Player Sunglasses

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