Daily Giz Wiz 801: Good Nite Lite

Episode 801 of the podcast

Good Nite Lite
Subject: Review of Good Nite Lite
Released:Monday 6 April 2009
Length:about 25 minutes
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Short info

Get your child's circadian rhythms on schedule with The Good Nite Lite.

Detailed information

Set up the sleeping time and wake-up time for your child on the Good Nite Lite (billed as a behavioural modification light), and it will shine a bright sun and a dim moon respectively, to teach the child when it's time to sleep and when it's time to wake up.  Designed for young toddlers, though Leo thinks he might get one for Henry.

Morning Fix

Dick gets his brewer all set before he goes to bed, and the first thing he does when he gets up is to get his coffee maker going.  But while he's waiting for the fresh coffee to brew, he has to drink the coffee left from the previous day, a quick caffeine fix to help him make through those slow minutes.  Dick and Leo exchange ideas about coffee, coffee pods, and coffee makers.  Leo thinks he might one day do a Senseo or Keurig for a future TTTT.  The Senseo has been done by Dick in Episode 163, and Leo himself has done another coffee maker, the FrancisFrancis, in Episode 187.

A New SleepTracker

Dick did the SleepTracker, which monitors your sleeping pattern to wake you up at the optimum time during a sleep cycle, back in Episode 22.  Leo has recently been sent a new model, the SleepTracker Pro, which has additional functions, such as downloading your sleep data to a PC.

Happy Birthday to a Winner

Devon Blugh heard on his birthday, 16 March, that he was among the winners in the last WTHII.  Since he resides outside North America, he'd like Dick and Leo to give him a shout-out on his favourite podcast ever, the Daily Giz Wiz, and a belated Happy Birthday.  Dick and Leo oblige, with a bonus Happy Birthday song.

A Tease

Leo naturally has forgotten that he said last Friday (Episode 800) that he would be doing the Wild Divine Biofeedback System, a request by the Amazing Criswell.  But for once he's got a gadget ready.  It's called In Your Face.

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