Daily Giz Wiz 803: Plantronics Calisto Pro

Episode 803 of the podcast

Plantronics Calisto Pro
Subject: Review of Plantronics Calisto Pro
Released:Wednesday 8 April 2009
Length:about 24 minutes
Download file:dgw0803.mp3 (11.2 MB)

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Short info

Use a single headset for your cell, cordless phone, or Skype calls with the Plantronics Calisto Pro.

Detailed information

The Calisto Pro from Plantronics takes care of all your phone needs.  It is a DECT 6.0 cordless phone which you can connect to the land line, with speakerphone function.  It has a USB connection for linking up to your computer as a VoIP or Skype phone, and can download your contacts from Outlook on Windows or Apple Address Book on a Mac.  It has a bluetooth headset which you can pair up with both the cordless phone or your cellphone, although you cannot switch between the two in the middle of a conversation.

Match Game Memories

Dick had a great time doing Match Game Memories on 29 March, and was very impressed by how quick Leo was calling up old footages of the Match Game.  Leo might add it as an additional audio show this week into the DGW feed.
Alternatively, you can download the video from odtv.me, thanks to kiwinerd.

Mailbag Podcast

Leo's sister Eva is helping out Leo with his emails.  Leo is thinking of doing a mailbag show with Eva going through some of the more interesting mails for Leo.

Studio 54

The Disco Letters Jingle gives Dick and Leo some disco flashbacks and reminds them of Studio 54, a popular venue during the disco era.  When Leo was last in Manhattan, he went there to see Cabaret.

Finally, Some Savings

Long-time listener and correspondent Steve Miller writes again.  This time, he's not buying any more gadgets.  He thanks Dick and Leo for covering the iCap (Episode 749), the Cell-Mate (Episode 744), and the Canon EOS 5D Mark II (Episode 742), two gadgets he doesn't want to own and one he can't afford.  Steve is a Nikon guy and was lusting after the Nikon D3X.

Circuit City Sale

Dick went to have a look at the Circuit City close-out sale but the prices had been raised and it was no bargain.

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