Daily Giz Wiz 805: Suzy Snapshot

Episode 805 of the podcast

Suzy Snapshot
Subject: Review of Suzy Snapshot
Released:Friday 10 April 2009
Length:about 16 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Suzy Snapshot

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Suzy Snapshot

Flash-Sensitive Doll

Link: Amazon

Galoob (acquired by Hasbro) made the Suzy Snapshot Doll in 1991.  The doll came with an imitation camera which did not take photos but would only flash.  The doll itself was light-sensitive and would change her pose upon detecting the flash.

eBay Rehabilitated

Leo had a bad experience trying to buy something on eBay, but was ready to give it another chance, and recently bought his new mixer on eBay.

New York Subway in the Snow

In Episode 781, Dick talked about the snow in New York and how the subway might be affected.  Chris Pashoni works as a train operator at the Coney Island Subway Yard in New York, and has written in to tell Dick how snow does affect the New York Subway.  While other people may get a day off, they have to fight their way to work.  Trains where possible are moved to underground storage locations.  Trains exposed to the snow may cause the automatic brakes to activate; signals can freeze; and there are other potential problems.  They have to go to work 2 to 4 hours early to prepare the trains for service.  They also use special Sweeper Trains to clear the tracks of snow.
A ProfessionalDick is still very impressed by Leo's professionalism on the day they did Match Game Memories together (video available at odtv.me).  Leo had done hours of programming already, but as soon as the Match Game theme came up, Leo was ready.  Leo wished he were Gene Rayburn, doing a show like The Match Game.

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