Daily Giz Wiz 808: Staples 10 Sheet Micro Cut

Episode 808 of the podcast

Staples 10 Sheet Micro Cut
Subject: Review of Staples 10 Sheet Micro Cut
Released:Wednesday 15 April 2009
Length:about 22 minutes
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Short info

Get rid of those old tax records and CD backups with the quiet Staples 10-Sheet Micro Cut shredder.

Detailed information

Dick has previously talked about the Staples MailMate Shredder (Episode 223).  This is a new one from Staples, the 10-Sheet Micro Cut Shredder.  It can shred 10 sheets at a time (confetti cut), has a 4.3 gallon bin, an anti-jam (auto-reverse) feature, auto-off, and its titanium blades can shred CDs and DVDs as well.  The most important feature for Dick, though, is its blue LED lights.


Dick tells a story of a raid by the FBI who wanted to look at the accounts of an organisation.  The FBI asked the bookkeeper for the books.  "Which set?" asked the bookkeeper.  Leo is rushing to buy this Staples shredder, as he's received an ultimatum from Frederique: "Pay tax, or give me a shredder."

Out With the Old

Leo feels certain that there was a custom in New York or Wall Street when at the end of the year people would throw their old desk calendars out of the windows.  No.  San Francisco maybe.  No.  The general consensus of the Chatroom is Leo is losing his marbles.

But the Chatroom finally saves the day for Leo, and finds an article by Steve Rubenstein in the San Francisco Chronicle "Mundane 1999 Goes Out the Windows".

iPod Touch Stand

Andy Weight has found a much cheaper stand for the iPod Touch.  The Touch comes with its own clear plastic stand.  No need for the iFlyz (Episode 783), the In Your Face Viewbase (Episode 802), or the business card holder used as a make-shift stand.  For his contribution, Andy gets a shout-out for his kids Joshua and Oliver who are also DGW fans.

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