Daily Giz Wiz 809: Flash Lighter

Episode 809 of the podcast

Flash Lighter
Subject: Review of Flash Lighter
Released:Thursday 16 April 2009
Length:about 13 minutes
Download file:dgw0809.mp3 (6.1 MB)

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Short info

Make sure you always have light on the go with The Flash Lighter.

Detailed information


Car Accesory/USB charger adapter

Link: theflashlighter.com

The cigarette lighter in the motor-car is now more useful as a power charger than lighter.  The Flashlight-er, apart from being a 3-LED flashlight, acts as an adapter that connects to the cigarette lighter and gives you a USB port for charging your USB devices.  There is also a Dual-Function model available which gives you both connections.

Do not confuse the Flashlight-er's website (which is www.theflashlighter.com) with another website www.flashlighter.com.  The album art embedded in the mp3 file for this episode's download has been taken from the wrong site, and is NOT the Flashlight-er (it's just a Kingston DataTraveler thumb drive).

Making a Show out of Thin Air

Dick saw the Japanese Game Show Brain Wall (the North American version of which is called Hole In The Wall) and wondered how anyone could make a game show out of that idea.  Why not, if Leo can make a show out of pumping air into his fitness ball?  Dick thinks that Leo needs the Duracell Powerpack 450 (Episode 693) which includes an air compressor.  Leo remarks that he's got an air mattress in the TWiT Cottage that comes with its own pump, all ready for Dick when he next visits Petaluma.

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Crayon Cheques

In Episode 799 Leo joked about writing out cheques in crayon.  It turns out that it wasn't so absurd after all.  David from Durham, North Carolina, used to deliver pizzas in the 1990's, and one of the styles of cheques you could order from banks in those days had all the blanks printed out as if they had been drawn by a child in crayons.

Fights over Christmas Bonuses and Beach Chairs

Dick tells the story of a big row he had with Bill Gaines over one of Dick's smaller Christmas bonuses, which got Duck Edwing really worried.  He also fought with Sergio Aragones over a beach chair during a MAD vacation.  Just snippets of Dick's practical jokes.

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