Daily Giz Wiz 813: Voltaic Generator Bag

Episode 813 of the podcast

Voltaic Generator Bag
Subject: Review of Voltaic Generator Bag
Released:Wednesday 22 April 2009
Length:about 26 minutes
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Short info

Get your laptop off the grid with the 15-watt Voltaic Generator Bag.

Detailed information

Way back in Episode 144, Dick talked about the Voltaic Backpack.  Recently at an airport, Dick caught up with a man and asked him if he was carrying a new Voltaic laptop bag.  It was, as promised by Voltaic as part of its future plan.  It's called the Voltaic Generator.  It's got enough solar panels for generating a 15W power supply to charge an internal battery (which takes 5 hours), which in turn charges the laptop.  It comes with common adapters for phones, notebooks and other handheld devices, and there is an optional reconfigured MagSafe adapter for MacBooks.

Voltaic does say that not all laptop manufacturers enable charging by external batteries.  Most Apple, Dell, Lenovo and Panasonic models work with the Generator, while Sony, Toshiba and Fujitsu laptops are less likely to work.  A full refund will be made if the bag does not work with your notebook.

Solar DIY

You can build your own solar power unit using Voltaic's Solar DIY components.

Seltzer, Seltzer, Seltzer

The Seltzer Sisters in San Francisco still makes deliveries of seltzer in classic 1920's glass bottles, which are collected after use.  You can mix your own special beverages using their recipes, including the egg cream.

Paul Minshall's Jingles Singles Podcast

Our jingle writer Paul Minshall now has a podcast of his "singles" on iTunes, called Paulywood's 45.  You can listen to his songs and jingles for free.  Subscribe to it through iTunes (search for Paul Minshall, or Paulywood's 45), or through his website paulywood.com.  For good measure, Leo plays for Dick Paul's Country Jingle for the Daily Giz Wiz.

Julius La Rosa and Arthur Godfrey

Leo jokes that this is the last episode of the Daily Giz Wiz.  Dick feels as though he were Julius La Rosa, who was fired on the air by Arthur Godfrey.  Watch this famous moment in TV/radio history on YouTube.

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