Daily Giz Wiz 816: Rapid Tools Rapid Edge

Episode 816 of the podcast

Rapid Tools Rapid Edge
Subject: Review of Rapid Tools Rapid Edge
Released:Monday 27 April 2009
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

Make sure your blade is safely retracted with the LED-enabled Rapid Tools Rapid Edge.

Detailed information

The Rapid Edge from Rapid Tools is a utility knife/cutter with an LED light that comes on as soon as the blade is extended out.  The light helps illuminate the area you're cutting into, but also acts as a safety device, a visual warning that the blade is exposed.  The blade has a specially designed serrated edge which is supposed to keep the blade sharp for longer.

Rapid Shark

Another product from Rapid Tools is the Rapid Shark.  In addition to Rapid Tools' standard serrated edge, it has a wire cutter.

All in the Name of Duty

Last Saturday (25 April) was Petaluma's Butter and Eggs Day, and Leo had to miss the parade again, as he was performing his duty as a radio host on The Tech Guy.

The History of Petaluma

Leo explains the history of Petaluma.  In the 19th century, anti-semitic pograms in Russia under the Czar forced many Jews to leave and some of them who went to the US were set up with chicken farms in Petaluma, which at one time was the egg basket of the States and produced millions of eggs a day.  Today, the chicken and eggs business has changed, and what remains is a gourmet duck and chicken business.

All About Woot - Wii Wii

Ted Norris writes in about the Woot divisions, after Dick talked about the Woot T shirts in Episode 806.  There is woot.com which has a daily item with $5 shipping (up to 3 items).  There is shirt.woot.com, which sells a daily shirt for $10, with free shipping.  Then there is wine.woot.com which sells wine and wine accessories, also $5 shipping.  Finally there is sellout.woot.com.  Ted's favourite Deal of the Day was the Sony Playstation 3.  Woot asked, "Woot sells PS3?  Wii Wii !"  See Woot's Blog.  There is also the combo day and the occasional Woot Bag O' Crap (which gadget junkie and long-time listener Steve Miller wrote about in Episode 796).

The GizWiz Bag O' Crap

Dick of course has his own self-deprecatingly funny bag of crap, called the Ultimate Ludwik Package, now only 3 left.  Available at GizWizShopping.

Calisto Pro

Leo doesn't just listen.  He buys Dick's recommended stuff, the latest being the Plantronics Calisto Pro (Episode 803).

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