Daily Giz Wiz 835: Shake It Up

Episode 835 of the podcast

Shake It Up
Subject: Review of Shake It Up
Released:Friday 22 May 2009
Length:about 17 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Shake it Up

Detailed information

Hammacher-Schlemmer used to have a contest called "Search For Invention", and Dick was one of the judges in 1995, when one of the winners was an invention called "Shake-It-Up".  It's a milk bottle with 2 chambers, one for storing milk powder and the other for storing water.  Apparently once the milk powder and water are mixed, bacteria will start working their effect after about an hour.  The invention later became the product Umix Travel Bottle.

Gadget Years

Dick and Leo have talked about their time unit for gadgets called Gadget Year, although they can never remember how long it's supposed to be.  When they first talked about the Audrey in Episode 120, they thought that a gadget year should be worth 25 human years.

Visible Man-Made Structure

In Episode 818, Leo talked about the Great Wall of China, and referred to the oft-repeated piece of trivia that it is the only man-made structure visible from space.  Doug Snell, who by the way thinks the quality of the jingles brings the quality of the Daily Giz Wiz up to just acceptable, wants to debunk the myth.  First of all, it's not just one wall, but a series of walls.  Secondly It's simply not true.  Depending on what one means by space, the Great Wall is either invisible to the naked eye, or one of many other objects visible to the naked eye.  Check out space.com, and snopes.com for more debunking.

Connection Issue

Dick's internet connections (both on Verizon and A T & T) were suffering badly during this recording session.  There was a huge amount of latency and in the end, they had to give up on Dick's video.

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