Daily Giz Wiz 841: Early Choices

Episode 841 of the podcast

Early Choices
Subject: Review of Early Choices
Released:Monday 1 June 2009
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

The Early Choices revolutionizes the toilet seat game with both infant and adult compatibility.

Detailed information

The Early Choices Toilet Seat is a combo toilet seat for both adults and babies.  The baby seat can be fitted on to any standard bowl over the adult seat and can be flipped up and down.  A new model is coming which will fit an elongated bowl.

Clomping in Klompen

TWiT fan Michelle from Utrecht in the Netherlands has paid a visit to Leo at the TWiT Cottage, and brought him a pair of wooden clogs.  Leo puts them on and dances to the Monday Theme.

Model Trains

Dick as we all know is a model train enthusiast, with an LGB G-scale model train set in his backyard, which he first talked about in Episode 1.  Dick talks about the different scales in model trains (for more info see e.g. Model Train Scales Explained), while Leo talks about a model dream estate of a friend of his, complete with a train set.  You can see his model train in action on Dick's archive website gizwizbiz.com or on YouTube.

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Answers in Surround Sound

In Episode 829, Dick and Leo asked about the possibility of doing the podcast in stereo sound.  Answers came back in surround sound.  Frank Bailey from Japan who listens to the show on his daily commute on his bike says no, as he listens with only one earphone so that he can listen out for what's happening around him.  Ditto for James Glenn.  Curt Estridge from Vienna, Ohio listens to the show at work also with one earbud, leaving his other ear or half of it for his boss.  Ditto for Eric Burke from Prior Lake, Minnesota, and another listener from Iowa.  That's an overwhelming number of one-ear listeners.

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