Daily Giz Wiz 843: Stealth 17 LED Flashlight

Episode 843 of the podcast

Stealth 17 LED Flashlight
Subject: Review of Stealth 17 LED Flashlight
Released:Wednesday 3 June 2009
Length:about 14 minutes
Download file:dgw0843.mp3 (6.4 MB)

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Short info

Resolve those unlit tasks with the magnetized, fold-out Stealth 17-LED Flashlight.

Detailed information

Another flashlight from Dick.  The Stealth LED Flashlight is designed as a car accessory.  It has 6 LED lights as a flashlight, a red LED light as a warning light in case your car has broken down, and a strong magnetic base for attaching it securely to any part of your car.  The flashiest part of this gadget is however a panel of 10 LED lights which flips out from the side (at an adjustable angle) as a task light.

A Question for Ludwik

Dick has done so many flashlights that he's lost count.  We need Ludwik Trammer for the statistics.

Home Office Relocated

Previously Leo settled on Pickles Gap, Arkansas (not Carbuncle Falls) in Episode 831 as the location for the TWiT Home Office.  Other suggestions have been floated, including Sioux City in Iowa, Lake Rogerene in New Jersey, Susquehanna in Pennsylvania (Episode 830), and Truth Or Consequences in Mexico (Episode 832).

Listeners (Mark, a brewer; Jeff from Pittsburgh; Joe aka Toyota Boy, Paul Griswold, and Denny Pyott) have come up with the following suggestions: Boring in Oregon; Cheesequake in New Jersey; Blue Ball or Intercourse, both in Pennsylvania; Lake In The Hills in Illinois; French Lick or Gas City in Indiana.

Dick and Leo have now relocated the Home Office to Cheesequake, New Jersey.  Pickles Gap, Arkansas is now TWiT's Satellite Office.
For more suggestions from listeners, check out the thread in Answer Giz Wiz Questions on Dick's site, about the TWiT Home Office location.


Dick reminds listeners that they can now read Alfred's posts on GizWiz.Biz as well.

"The Crap Goes In ...
... before the name goes out", that's DGW's new slogan.  There shouldn't be any cease-and-desist letters from Zenith.

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