Daily Giz Wiz 849: Altec Lasing orbit

Episode 849 of the podcast

Altec Lasing orbit
Subject: Review of Altec Lasing orbit
Released:Thursday 11 June 2009
Length:about 20 minutes
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Short info

Listen to your mp3 player, on the go, without headphones, with the Altec Lansing orbit.

Detailed information

Link: Altec Lansing

This is one of the smallest products from Altec Lansing (now part of Plantronics).  The iM 237 (also called Orbit MP3) is a very small portable speaker that plugs into a 3.5mm headphone jack, running on 3 AAA batteries that should run for about 24 hours.

From the Littlest to the Biggest

Tomorrow on Warehouse Friday, Dick will be talking about another product from Altec Lansing, and it's one of the biggest products they made.

Companion Drug and Endless Disclaimers

Dick and Leo are baffled by some TV ads, including one (called Abilify, thanks to DrMom, the chatroom's resident doctor) which is a companion drug to the anti-depressant drugs you are already taking, and those with endless disclaimers that spill over to the next ad.

New Home Office for TWiT

G' Day from over-the-road truck driver Kevin Cameron-Parks, an Aussie who has lived in the States for 11 years who has a Swedish wife who does not speak English with Leo's Swedish accent.  He heard that Leo is looking for a place for the TWiT Home Office, and he is more than happy to offer his humble abode at Gassville, Arkansas to Leo.

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