Daily Giz Wiz 851: ClickFree DVD Transformer

Episode 851 of the podcast

ClickFree DVD Transformer
Subject: Review of ClickFree DVD Transformer
Released:Monday 15 June 2009
Length:about 21 minutes
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Back up your files without opening your computer or messing with software, with the ClickFree DVD Transformer

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Link: Clickfree

Clickfree's DVD Transformer is a USB dongle that has Windows software pre-installed, which searches for files on your computer for backing up and burns them on to DVDs.  You can take the software's default selections, or you can configure what files to look for and back up.  Essentially you're buying the software, but it's not restricted to any one computer.

The DVD Transformer is a kind of hybrid of previous products which Dick talked about, the Clickfree Backup Drive (Episode 629), Clickfree DVD Backup (Episode 639), and Clickfree Transformer (Episode 753).  Whereas the Clickfree Transformer backs up your data to any hard drive, the DVD Transformer backs up to DVDs.

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An FM Voice for AM Radio

When Leo first started on an AM radio station, he was told that his voice wouldn't do, because he got a mellow FM voice, instead of a more in-your-face AM voice.

Living Inside Your Love

Leo recently went to a benefit concert, and met one of the artists who performed at the concert: Earl Klugh, whose Living Inside Your Love Leo had to play incessantly when Leo was on San Francisco's KKSF in about 1984 (although the song was from the 1976 album of the same name.

Backup, Backup

Leo has 14 hard drives installed in various computers in the studio, over 30 just scattered around, and even more in the rest of the TWiT Cottage.  After he lost the video recording of Episode 600, he now makes sure that everything is recorded and backed up.

Game Show Memories

Since Dick was involved in game shows other than Match Game, listeners have requested Dick to do another show in the style of his earlier Match Game Memories.  He might just do that.  A small number of Match Game Questions are still left for sale.

A Petaluma Nobody

Jim Driscoll from Atlanta, who was looking forward to Episode 7795 in his last letter (Episode 534), met recently in the San Francisco Bay area a colleague who lives in a little town called Petaluma.  Jim asked her if she knew Leo.  "Leo who?"  Jim went on to astonish her with his intimate knowledge of the Butter and Eggs Parade.

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