Daily Giz Wiz 853: Snapper Boat Latch

Episode 853 of the podcast

Snapper Boat Latch
Subject: Review of Snapper Boat Latch
Released:Wednesday 17 June 2009
Length:about 23 minutes
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Short info

Release your boat from its trailer remotely with the Snapper Boat Latch.

Detailed information

Snapper Boat Latch
Remote-Controlled Boat Latch
Link: SnapperBoatLatch

Launching a boat from a trailer can be a bit of a hassle, as someone has to wade into the water to release the latch.  The Snapper Boat Latch solves this problem by having a remote-controlled snapper.  When you're set on the boat, just press the button on the key fob and the snapper will open up releasing the boat.

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The GizWiz Gets SlammedDick has had the same telephone number with Verizon since he moved to Manhattan, but recently he got "slammed".  Without his authorisation, his number got sold to XO Communications, which doesn't do residential telephone service anyway, and has apparently sold the number on to Vonage.  Dick has had to make numerous telephone calls to totally inaccessible hotlines on which you need to wait forever.  It's against FCC rules to slam a customer.  Finally after 8 days of telephone hell, Dick's Verizon service returned.
Forbidden GardensLeo is looking forward to seeing the terracotta warriors in Xian on his China Tour.  Jenny Vincin tells Dick that he need not feel left out.  He can head off to Katy, Texas, to visit the Forbidden Gardens which has 6,000 one-third size replicas of the terracotta soldiers.

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