Daily Giz Wiz 854: Samsung U5

Episode 854 of the podcast

Samsung U5
Subject: Review of Samsung U5
Released:Thursday 18 June 2009
Length:about 15 minutes
Download file:dgw0854.mp3 (7.1 MB)

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Short info

Listen to your music while out and about with the Samsung U5.

Detailed information

Samsung U5
MP3 Player
Link: Samsung

The Samsung U5 is a 2GB Flash MP3 player.  It has a USB plug (under a removable cover) for connection to your PC, an FM tuner and recorder, an OLED screen which displays 4 lines of text, all within a 4.35" body.  The Fitness Mode lets you know how much calories you can work off.  The Study Mode lets you repeat a particular section for learning, e.g. a language.  It also has a character called Popcon which kids can design themselves which will be displayed when the U5 is turned on.  It comes with its own Windows software called EmoDio for organising your music.  The U5 supports file browsing and playlists.  Available in black, white, red, blue and pink.

A GizWizBiz MP3 Player ?The white model of the U5 lends itself particularly well to adaptation as a GizWizBiz MP3 Player, perhaps with built-in support for automatic downloads of the Daily Giz Wiz?

Up TheirsDick went to see the latest Pixar film "Up", but there were people in the cinema who were constantly texting messages. Probably to Twitter.
Diaper StuffingSuzanne Lander writes in defence of the Sham Wow.  Dick, Leo and her husband may laugh at her, but she thinks the Sham Wow is great as diaper stuffing, in place of microfibre towels and hemp inserts which she used to use.  It saves her from using disposables.  Dick thinks it sounds like Gracie Allen.  By the way, the Sham Wow will be featured on MAD 501, and you can win it in due course by playing the next What The Heck Is It game.
A Warehouse Gadget for TTTTLeo has an old gadget, which should belong to the Gadget Warehouse, given to him by studio guest Jeri Ellsworth.  Leo will talk about it on a forthcoming TTTT.

TWiT Donation Button

In the intermission after recording this episode, Leo discusses with Dick and Jeri Ellsworth ideas for the TWiT donation button, and what should happen to Leo when TWiT gets a donation.

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