Daily Giz Wiz 857: Polar F6 Watch

Episode 857 of the podcast

Polar F6 Watch
Subject: Review of Polar F6 Watch
Released:Tuesday 23 June 2009
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

You can monitor your heart rate with a Polar F6 Watch.

Detailed information

Link: Polar

Leo has become an exercise fanatic, and stresses the importance of monitoring his heart rate while doing his spinning classes, riding his Terratrike, lifting weights and walking on the treadmill, to make sure that he remains in his target training zone, and to avoid going into anaerobic mode.  Polar's F6 Heart Rate Monitor consists of a band (the transmitter belt) around Leo's manly bosom as the monitor and a wrist watch for displaying relevant information.  It monitors your daily condition and guides you to a suitable exercise intensity or to your manual target zone.  It records your exercise data, sends it wirelessly to your Windows PC and displays the information.  It's also water-resistant up to 50 meters and so suitable for swimming.  There is even an optional bike mount for cycling.

Polar from Finland

Polar Electro Oy is from Finland and has worked for many years with the Finnish Cross-Country Skiing Team.  Here's the press release.

Second Rate Snacks

Dick and Leo have often referred to Totino Pizza Rolls, and even fantasised about getting a sponsorship from Totino.  Ted Kekatos has written in about pizza rolls vs pizza bites, and lots more.  On the website Second Rate Snacks, you can find a lot of snacks "taste-off", where famous snack labels are pitched against less well-known brands, such as Totino Pizza Rolls v Mr P's Pizza Bites, Cola Challenge, Cheez-It v Cheese Nips etc.

SysAdmin Appreciation Day

Leo remembers the name of today's letter-writer, but forgets that Ted Kekatos is the founder of the annual SysAdmin Appreciation Day, the last Friday of every July.  This year it's on 31 July.

A Totino Sponsorship Wrap-Up

If you've missed out on earlier episodes and wonder what all the fuss is about Totino pizza rolls on the Daily Giz Wiz, it all started in Episode 253, when Leo received a letter from Eric, a reliability engineer from General Mills, who said he would love to get the company to sponsor the show.  That's when the jocular begging for sponsorship began, which continued for a number of shows.  Back in those days, it was difficult enough to persuade ad agencies to consider podcasts for advertising, but the cause was certainly not helped by Dick and Leo's constant reference to the product as "Tostino" pizza rolls and Leo's complaint that one couldn't even find "Tostino" on Google (Episode 263).  By the time their mistake was pointed out to them by listeners (in Episodes 269, 271), it was too late, as confirmed by Eric in Episode 284, and all the begging had been in vain.

But Dick and Leo could pat each other's virtual backs for not getting the sponsorship deal, as General Mills had to recall some of its Totino products due to E. coli contamination in 2007 (Episode 443).

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