Daily Giz Wiz 859: Aqua Alert

Episode 859 of the podcast

Aqua Alert
Subject: Review of Aqua Alert
Released:Thursday 25 June 2009
Length:about 14 minutes
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Short info

Keep your kids safe around water with the Aqua Alert safety band.

Detailed information

The Aqua Alert is made by First Alert (who made the Tundra fire extinguisher, see Episode 321), a wrist band to be worn by a child which will sound an alarm over 100dB if it gets the slightest bit wet.  Dick does give the caveat that if your child got immersed in water, you would not be able to hear the alarm, so that parental guidance is definitely required.  Dick thinks that it might be more useful to leave it in his backyard to get a warning of rain.
Aqua Alert 2 is supposed to be coming, which will send an alarm to a wireless receiver within 300 feet.

Abby Road

Abby Laporte is back from France and doing an internship at the TWiT Cottage.  Apart from occasionally doing the Abby Road show and managing the board, she receives additional bookkeeping and catering training, in the form of getting paid by Leo and getting lunch from him.  Watch Leo give Abby some fatherly advice, in Abby Road 1.

And On The 8th Day, Verizon Said ...

... "Let there be a dial tone."  Dick's telephone hell (see Episode 853) finally ended.  With the help of Lil from the TWiT Army (DrMom), Dick managed to get the contact number of the CEO of Verizon.  While talking with a Verizon executive, Dick received an email from Ooma (see Episode 779) informing him that XO would be releasing Dick's telephone number in 24 hours.  It turned out that when trying out Ooma, Dick transferred his telephone number to Ooma which used XO Communications as a provider.  When Dick terminated his service with Ooma, his number became an unused number, and got lost along the way.  Dick was not slammed after all, and it was just a bad mix-up.  The sacrifice Dick has to make in the name of gadget review!

The Question to the Answer, "Sis Boom Bah"

John Struse from Wayne, New Jersey solves the answer "Sis Boom Bah" from the Carnac the Magnificent segment in Episode 844.  The question was, "Describe the sound made when a sheep explodes."  You can watch the clip at johnnycarson.com.

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