Daily Giz Wiz 860: The Missing Button

Episode 860 of the podcast

The Missing Button
Subject: Review of The Missing Button
Released:Friday 26 June 2009
Length:about 19 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: The Missing Button

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Link: Softlife Products Company on eBay

When Dick first learnt about the Missing Button, he thought the vendor was going to make millions of dollars from it.  It was a tie tack in the form of a button, which could be handy if one should lose a shirt button - no sewing necesary.  Dick was told that the product design was originally from France, but now he can't find "The Missing Button" on the web.  The picture above is Dick's own photo of what he still has in the Gadget Warehouse.

On eBay there is a company called Softlife Products Company which sells the "Panic Button", which is a similar idea.

Ronco's Buttoneer

Another button kit, says Mark Sukoenig in the chatroom, was Ronco's Buttoneer, another old solution.  See stuffwelove.co.uk.

All About Socks and Laundry

Dick always buys his socks in bulk, so that they always match.  Jerry Lewis used to wear a pair of socks only once.  Mark Goodson had his favourite laundry shop in New York.  When they moved the operations to California, he would have his laundry couriered to New York for cleaning.

Independent Living

Henry Laporte attended an Independent Living class at 8th Grade.  He got detention for not doing the stuff he was supposed to be learning: how to boil water, fry an egg, sew a button.

Winning Lottery Numbers

In Episode 844 (again), in the Letters section, Dick told listeners never to delete a Daily Giz Wiz show, as they give away money, and even lottery numbers: 21, 6, 3, 4, 1.  Chad Forsmaier can confirm this to be true.  These were the winning numbers for an Indiana lottery on June 23, 2007.  It was the Midday Lucky 5.  Try LottoStrategies.com's Match Finder.

Californian Casual Time

Dick found out, while working in California, that Californians are pretty laid back when it comes to time.  That's why Leo is always late for his recording session.  Instead of calling it Pacific Daylight Time, he should call it Californian Casual Time.

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