Daily Giz Wiz 865: Hot Talk Spatula

Episode 865 of the podcast

Hot Talk Spatula
Subject: Review of Hot Talk Spatula
Released:Friday 3 July 2009
Length:about 30 minutes
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From the Gadget Warehouse: Hot Talk Spatula

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From about 10 years ago, the Hot Talk was hot for about 2 seasons.  It was a talking barbeque spatula, with a few recorded comments that got played while you flipped that steak.

Preparations for China

Right now, Leo is in China, probably wearing Scott-E-Vest Lightweight Travel Pants or Travel Shorts, and carrying the Tom Bihn Tri-Star stuffed with Packing Cubes.

When Leo gets back from China, he might talk about the Tri-Star and Scottevest pants on TTTT.


The gadget featured in the last What The Heck Is It? game is the Lite Bite, made by Nite-Ize, whose other gadget, a fibre optic flashlight, was also a WTHII mystery back in December 2006.

It's Time for 4th July Fireworks Again

Jan Reesman is a loyal listener.  She last wrote in Episode 382 about the Great Gildersleeve.  She has a blog called dogsandcats101.  Leo remembers her well because Jan used to call his radio show about her blog, whose old name had the word "bitches" in it and she had to be edited out.  Her favourite story from Dick is the way Dick watches the 4th July fireworks on the Hudson River, which he explains again.  The only difference this year is Dick's old analogue portable TV won't work.

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