Daily Giz Wiz 869: Hang And Level

Episode 869 of the podcast

Hang And Level
Subject: Review of Hang And Level
Released:Thursday 9 July 2009
Length:about 15 minutes
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Short info

Mount your pictures on your wall like a pro Hang and Level.

Detailed information

Liette Tousignant, an interior designer in Calgary, Alberta, has been frustrated for many years by the lack of a proper picture hanging tool.  She decided to develop her own tool for the job, with the help of her husband.  After a lot of sweat and tears, and a significant outlay of money, the result is the Hang & Level.  For the story of how they developed the product, see an article in the Alberta Venture.

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Gadget Development

The Hang & Level has taken a lot of time and money to develop.  For private inventors, gadget development is a very risky business.  Not every story is like Topsy Tail, or Crocs (developed by Jennifer's step-sister, Leo reveals).  If you want Dick's advice, go back to Episode 141 (Dick's Words of Wisdom), where you can also hear Dick's story of the poster frames called "CornerIts".

Remote Buddy's 12V Battery

When Dick talked about the Remote Buddy in Episode 844, he was puzzled by the 12V battery supplied, with which Dick was unfamiliar.  John Zinn from Texas, for whom the Daily Giz Wiz is his prime source of information and entertainment when he is on the road, reckons that the 12V battery is either the MN21 or MN23, commonly used in a motor-vehicle's remote key fob.  John's is the 4th letter written about Episode 844.

Tech Tees

Lori Lebeau Walsh, who made the album art for TWiT's shows, has also designed T-shirts for some of the shows.  Check out Art And Tech Tees.

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