Daily Giz Wiz 87: Pack Light

Episode 87 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Pack Light
Released:Tuesday 20 June 2006
Length:about 10 minutes
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Short info

The Pak Lite. This is a nifty little flashlight has been used by the US Military, FEMA and the Red Cross. It weighs 1.5 oz. and just snaps to the top of a 9 volt battery. The battery itself becomes the flashlight 'case'. Models range from about $13 for the very basic Pak-Lite to $30 for a multipurpose Pak-Lite that meets military specs.

Detailed information

A handy flashlight that snaps on to a 9-Volt battery to become the world's smallest flashlight.  The battery itself becomes the "case".  Some models have glow-in-the-dark caps to make it easy to locate them.  Different colour LEDs and models to choose from as well.  There is even a marine version with red and green LEDs.
Invented by Ben Henry when he was only 15.  It's now a family business.


Dick has a mnemonic for remembering colours for lights on the port side and the starboard side.  Red wine is port.  Leo has his own mnemonic for remembering which side is left, which side is right.


Dick went to a wine-tasting with Bill Gaines.  Guess what Dick learned at the end of the session?


Dick and Leo are not only gadgeteers, but they're also etymologists.  What's the origin of the word "posh"?

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