Daily Giz Wiz 876: The Unifunnel

Episode 876 of the podcast

The Unifunnel
Subject: Review of The Unifunnel
Released:Monday 20 July 2009
Length:about 24 minutes
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Short info

Hands free operation funneling is finally possible with the Unifunnel.

Detailed information

Link: Unifunnel
Even the apparently simple task of pouring liquid through a funnel offers its own challenges, having to hold the funnel in place while at the same time grappling with the sometimes heavy, sometimes slippery, source container.  The Unifunnel is a hands-free funnel holder, which keeps the funnel in place freeing your hands to deal with the load.  The Unifunnel has a pair of pliers with spring torque action.  Squeeze the pliers to insert the 4 stabilising prongs into any container or tank opening from 1 ¼” to 2 ¼” in size.  Once the prongs are inside, release the pliers.  This keeps the funnel in place.  If necessary adjust the height of the rings.  Funnel not included.

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Lunar Landing

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11's moon landing, and Leo has succeeded in his first China landing.

The Wine Train

When Dick visits the TWiT Cottage for Episode 900, Leo will play the proper host and take Dick on the Napa Valley Wine Train.  Dick, who has been to a wine-tasting session with Bill Gaines, is the ultimate sommelier.  He can tell a red wine from a white with no difficulty.

Another DGW Guest

Leo's sister Eva, who now helps Leo handle his emails for the TWiT network, is a big MAD fan and used to read the magazine with Leo.  She's over at the TWiT Cottage and goes on camera on TWiTlive, to meet Dick on the air for the first time.  Dick is surprised to meet a pretty lady, nothing like Leo's description - facial scars, big ears, missing teeth.  She's got the face and Leo's got the voice - and the perfect radio face, Dick observes.  Meet Eva Laporte here (video clip from odtv.me).

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Steve's Gadget Warehouse

Steve Miller, who has written before about his gadget-buying compulsion, has just come back from a vacation in Peru and is catching up with the back catalogue.  Dick and Leo are now responsible for Steve's Altec Lansing Orbit, the Striker Magnetic Light Mine, the Stealth Flashlight, the SlushMug, and the Pogo Plug.  Fortunately he already had the Dynaflex Powerball Gyroscope and the Logitech Nano VX Mouse, but he's just bought 2 pairs of tactical pants.  He wants Leo to do more bicycle gadgets, as he has no interest in buying them, to save him some money.  Leo suffers from the same affliction.  Dick will always remember that when he was covering the Ready Kit Plus (Episode 29), Leo had ordered 5 of them before the end of the show (which was all of 7 minutes).

Back on the Ball

By the time this show is aired, Leo is back from his China Tour and it's business as usual at TWiT.  Dick and Leo will be back at their Tuesday slot tomorrow recording another 5 episodes of the Daily Giz Wiz on TWiTlive.

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