Daily Giz Wiz 878: The Waterproof Shower Radio

Episode 878 of the podcast

The Waterproof Shower Radio
Subject: Review of The Waterproof Shower Radio
Released:Wednesday 22 July 2009
Length:about 11 minutes
Download file:dgw0878.mp3 (4.9 MB)

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Short info

Listen to your iPod while you shower with the SPI Waterproof Shower Radio.

Detailed information

The SPI Shower Radio is a water-resistant radio for use in the bathroom.  It has an FM radio, 2 small speakers, and a liquid crystal analogue clock (an analogue dial using liquid crystal display), and an anti-fog mirror for shaving and grooming.  It comes with an FM transmitter to plug in your MP3 player (or any audio source with a headphone jack), for transmitting audio from within 50 feet to the bathroom.

If, like Tim from southern Australia (Episode 47), you want to listen to the Daily Giz Wiz in the shower, this Shower Radio is the one for you.

Born To Kvetch

Peggy Grant is a telecommuter and like Tim, she listens to the show every morning, which gets her off to a great start.  She has an Audible book to recommend, Born To Kvetch by Michael Wex, all about Yiddish culture.

DrMom on Yiddish

After Leo botches the pronunciation of "kvetch", chatroom stalwart DrMom (or Dr Lillian Banchik) decides it's time for a lesson in Yiddish for Leo.  She calls in on Skype and explains, among other things, the difference between a shlemiel and a shlimazel.  Leo gets it immediately.  The shlemiel is the hapless one who spills the soup; the shlimazel is the luckless one who gets the soup all over his lap.  We get it too: on TTTT, Leo is the shlemiel and Dick is the shlimazel.  Watch the clip here in which Dr Mom expounds the intricacies of the Yiddish language (video from odtv.me):

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