Daily Giz Wiz 879: Energi To Go

Episode 879 of the podcast

Energi To Go
Subject: Review of Energi To Go
Released:Thursday 23 July 2009
Length:about 17 minutes
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Short info

The Energi To Go will juice up your gadget's rechargeable batteries disposable ones.

Detailed information

Energizer has partnered with XPAL Power to introduce their new lines of Energi To Go portable power supply products (quite different from the existing Energi To Go cellphone and iPod chargers).  All chargers use Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries which are lighter, more stable and non-inflammable.  Most importantly, they can be shaped into any forms which accounts for the shapes of the AP line of chargers.  The 3 lines are:

AP series (AP1000 & AP1500) - each charger is just like an ordinary iPhone case with a dock connector into which the phone is slotted.SP series (SP 1000 & SP2000) - they contain solar cells for using light energy to charge the batteries (which can also take AC).XP series (from XP600 to XP18000) - the standard line of chargers, with power capacity ratings from 600mAh to a whopping 18000mAh, weighing from 1.2 oz to 7.9 oz.
All models come with the appropriate charging cables and tips.  Dick has also been told that Energizer will offer Free Tips For Life - allowing 2 new charging tips every year for owners, during the lifetime of the chargers.

Comedy for a Wedding

Bill Gaines liked Henny Youngman so much that he hired Youngman to perform at his wedding.

That New Great Invention

A warm welcome back, to Phillip White from Chattanooga, Tennessee, who last wrote in Episode 406.  Phillip heard in Episode 798 about the Digivina, the ultimate in retro style, and snapped it up in no time.  The CD-to-vinyl press certainly impressed Phillip, who has been converting his huge CD collection to vinyls.  Check it out at digi-vina.com, and look out for Digivina Portable.

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