Daily Giz Wiz 883: The Charge 4 All

Episode 883 of the podcast

The Charge 4 All
Subject: Review of The Charge 4 All
Released:Wednesday 29 July 2009
Length:about 23 minutes
Download file:dgw0883.mp3 (10.3 MB)

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Short info

Charge any four hand-held electronic devices with the single AC adapter Charge 4 All.

Detailed information

The Charge4All Charging Tube rolls out into the Portable Charging Mat, which can charge up to 4 devices, from a single AC source (110-240V).  It comes with 5 charging tips: iPhone/iPod, microUSB, miniUSB for Blackberry and Motorola, Samsung SCH phones and LG Chocolate.  Other tips are available for sale on the website.

For other charging mats covered by Dick, see Episode 748 (the Powermat and the Wildcharger Pad).

The Bengal Lancer

When asked what the Charge4All might be, Leo guesses that it's a cavalry bugle.  This reminds Dick of his hero Sid Ceasar in the Sid Caesar Show, where he played a Bengal Lancer.

Another Lost Reader

Leo has taken his evangelisation of the E-Book Reader to new heights.  Not only has he been spreading word of them, he's positively seeding them around on airplanes.  His latest Kindle was the second E-Reader he left behind on a flight.

Another Dead Musician, Another Jingle?

With the recent surmise of Michael Jackson, Leo is wondering if he will join the ranks of the dead Letters Jingle Singers.  Calling Dan Lueders ...

Terracotta Chia Pets

Talk of China's Terracotta Warriors has prompted another letter from Alessandro Abate.  The Chinese invented paper currency (and paper itself), gunpowder, noodles and the compass, but among the less well-known of their inventions was the Chia Pet (see Episode 752 for the Chia Obama).  The Terracotta Soldiers were actually the Emperor's private collection of Chia Pets, but the Chinese forgot to water them.  Terracotta, Alessandro adds, is Italian for "baked earth".  It was the ancient Romans' first failed attempts on making pizza.  Thankfully they switched to baking dough in time.

The Man Who Loved China ...

... and it's not Leo.  Recommended by Alessandro, this book by Simon Winchester is about Joseph Needham, the British scientist who, starting in the 1940's, became fascinated with China and its scientific achievements.  It was the Audible Pick of the Week on MacBreak Weekly 135, but Leo has not got round to reading it yet.  The Man Who Loved China is available on Audible.

Leo's Gallery on China Tour

Leo is still enthusing about his tour of China, and was much impressed by the 8,000 odd Terracotta Warriors, each about 6-foot tall and every soldier is different.  Check out his photos on Smugmug or Flickr.

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