Daily Giz Wiz 886: Picture Keeper

Episode 886 of the podcast

Picture Keeper
Subject: Review of Picture Keeper
Released:Monday 3 August 2009
Length:about 24 minutes
Download file:dgw0886.mp3 (11.1 MB)

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Short info

Find and back up your images in one step with Picture Keeper.

Detailed information

The Picture Keeper is a USB Thumb Drive (4, 8 or 16GB) with pre-loaded software that searches your computer for picture files and back them up to the thumb drive.  Subsequent backups are incremental.  It can be used to back up pictures on multiple computers.  There is also a Picture Keeper Pro which is a USB hard drive (160GB) which does the same thing.  You can also get reminders to back up from the website.

Giz Wiz Meet-Up

Dick will be at the TWiT Cottage in Petaluma on Tuesday 11 August for the recording of Daily Giz Wizzes including Episode 900.  That evening there will be a meet-up with Dick, Leo and Dane Golden in San Francisco.  The time and venue have not been decided yet.  Dick and Leo need to know how many people are likely to turn up for the event.  Send Dick an email at dick@gizwiz.biz with the subject line "Meet-Up" if you're interested.  Check out Dick's website for details.

Giz Wiz Jingles World Tour

Starting 1 October, there will be a world tour of an orchestra playing music from all 6 episodes of Star Wars.  Dick reckons they should have the Giz Wiz Jingles World Tour.  Leo thinks it should take place in the subways of the world.  That way, you get an echo effect, and a guaranteed audience.

Michael Jackson joins the Giz Wiz Singers

Leo asked (in Episode 883), and he has now received, a Michael Jackson Letters Jingle, from musical archivist Dan Lueders.

Just Another Podcast

Leo is going to do another podcast, about Google and cloud-computing.  It's going to be called This Week in Google or TWiG.


Leo has just received a new TWiT hat that looks great in the mirror.  No problem with the trademark there.

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Joseph Colletti writes in to recommend an iPhone app called Navionics, a nautical chart plotter.

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