Daily Giz Wiz 887: The Eos Wireless iPod Player

Episode 887 of the podcast

The Eos Wireless iPod Player
Subject: Review of The Eos Wireless iPod Player
Released:Tuesday 4 August 2009
Length:about 24 minutes
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Short info

For yet another way to hook speakers up to your iPod, look at The Eos Wireless iPod Player.

Detailed information

An easy way to spread music around your house.  The Eos Wireless Speaker System starts with the base station, where you can play music from your iPod via the iPod dock (not iPhone-certified) or from another audio source through the Aux jack (3.5mm headphone jack).  You can add up to 4 wireless satellite speakers which will start working as soon as you plug them into a power outlet.  Music is transmitted wirelessly from the base station to the satellite speakers using GigaWave technology, without interfering your WiFi at home.  All speakers are stereo 2.1.

For other options, with different functionalities, check out listener Steve Miller's recommendation in Episode 682, the Logitech Squeezebox Boom, or the Sonos System which Leo would love to be able to review.

Family Concerns

Dr Mark Sukoenig has much to write about.  Being a model of courtesy and discretion, and a doctor, he asks after Leo's sister Eva (who made a guest appearance in Episode 876) and wonders why she looks significantly older than Leo.  Then he asks after Mama Laporte, and is concerned about her oratorical capacity, as she didn't seem to talk much when she appeared on TWiTLive.

Crust and The Ten Commandments

More to the point, Dr Mark is very well connected in the medical field.  Hailing from Syracuse, New York, Dr Mark would have been served when he was young by the inventor of the Brannock Device (see his letter in Episode 280).  Not only that, he is also a distant cousin of Herman Klotz, a dentist whose name happened to be used by MAD in a satire on Crest, called Crust, for which he was handsomely compensated by having a stack of MAD magazines sent to him.  For the cover of the relevant MAD Issue No.43, visit Doug Gilford's Mad Cover Site.  Dick remembers that MAD did a visual Ten Commandments, and for "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery", MAD used a picture of a motel, and the motel owner was similarly compensated.


Dr Mark likes to listen to the Daily Giz Wiz while driving.  Just last month, he was doing the same thing, and he laughed so hard that he lost control of the car, the car skidded on an ice slick, flipped over in a snow bank, hit a tree .... and got Leo, but not the street-wise Dick Debartolo.  He hasn't heard any report of snow in July, even in Syracuse, and certainly not last July.

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