Daily Giz Wiz 892: MiFi

Episode 892 of the podcast

Subject: Review of MiFi
Released:Tuesday 11 August 2009
Length:about 19 minutes
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Short info

The Verizon MiFi can create a WiFi hot spot anywhere there is 3g coverage.

Detailed information

Leo talked about the Verizon USB720 Modem in Episode 357, and the Cradlepoint Personal Hotspot in Episode 542.  The MiFi 2200 from Verizon takes mobile broadband to another level.  It is a mobile hotspot using EVDO.  It also doubles up as a Wifi (b/g) router, allowing up to 5 devices to share the EVDO connection.  The 1150mAh Lithium Ion battery can last up to 4 hours (when using only one Wifi client).  It is sold with a Mobile Broadband Service Plan.  A similar device is available from Sprint.

Giz Wiz Meet-Up - A Reminder

Dick, Leo and Dane Golden will be at the San Francisco Jillian's Billiards at the Sony Metreon this evening for a meet-up with fans and friends, which will start at 6-ish.  Details in Dick's post.

Wine Train - Catching Up

Dick and Leo went gourmet-dining and wine-tasting on the Napa Wine Train yesterday, along with Jennifer and Abby.  As promised, Leo (with the help of his Verizon MiFi) uploaded photos and videos from the Wine Train.  If you missed it yesterday, you can catch up here.

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Totting up at TD Bank

While Leo's rummaging through his mailbag for a letter to read, Dick steps in to read a letter from Doug from Stanhope, New Jersey.  In Episode 861, Dick talked about the surcharge imposed by banks for counting up your coins, and the better alternative of the Coinstar Machines.  Doug wants to draw the listeners' attention to the TD Bank (formerly Commerce Bank) in the New York/New Jersey area, whose branches will tot up your coins for free.

A Free Ride in the Tesla

Leo finally locates the letter he was going to read.  Back in Episode 661 Darrell and Marilyn Holmquist from San Jose wrote to Dick, promising to give Dick and Leo a ride in their Tesla which was due to arrive in May or June this year.  Now the Tesla Roadster has arrived, and Dick and Leo can try it when Dick is in the area for the recording of Episode 900.  The test run has now been slotted for today (Tuesday Pacific time), before Dick and Leo start this week's recording session.

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