Daily Giz Wiz 896: The First Alert Multi-Colored LED Flashlight

Episode 896 of the podcast

The First Alert Multi-Colored LED Flashlight
Subject: Review of The First Alert Multi-Colored LED Flashlight
Released:Monday 17 August 2009
Length:about 23 minutes
Download file:dgw0896.mp3 (10.8 MB)

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Short info

Light up your life in 10 different colors with the Multi-color LED Flashlight.

Detailed information

Dick tried hard to resist buying another LED flashlight, but after 3 emails about it, and a further price reduction, Dick succumbed to the temptation.  The First Alert FX-1 Multi-Colour LED Flashlight uses ordinary batteries to power its LEDs which have 10 different colours.  Available in black and silver bodies.

Dick at the TWiT Cottage

After the Wine Train on Monday and a drive in a Tesla Roadster on Tuesday, Dick settled down with Leo in the TWiT studio to record this week's Giz Wizzes.  Here are the highlights of today's show.  Video from odtv.me.  Sitting in the background is FunCrunch Julie Bernstein.

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Wine Train

Dick, being a train enthusiast, thoroughly enjoyed the Napa Wine Train.  Dick and Leo's party were given a private railroad car.  Dick finally met Jennifer, and they got on like a train on fire.


Dick bought his new flashlight from Buy.com, and Leo warns him and listeners about the danger of inadvertently joining the "webloyalty" programme and getting charged on your credit card.  Other websites including Fandango and Orbitz also take part in this webloyalty.  For more details, listen to Security Now! Episode 207.


Listener Seth Combs finally gets his first iPhone app on to the App Store.  It's called Shoot-It.  You take your photo on the iPhone, send it to Shoot-It together with your message and addressee (for the US, the UK and Western Europe), and a proper postcard with your pic and message will be posted for you in the good old fashioned way.  It so happens that Leo has just bought the app, and Leo wonders if Seth is related to Sean Puffy Combs, aka P. Diddy.

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