Daily Giz Wiz 897: The Olympus EP-1

Episode 897 of the podcast

The Olympus EP-1
Subject: Review of The Olympus EP-1
Released:Tuesday 18 August 2009
Length:about 18 minutes
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Short info

The Olympus EP-1 is an exciting entry to the new micro four-thirds digital camera market.

Detailed information

The latest addition to Leo's camera collection is the Olympus E-P1.  Reminiscent in style of the old Olympus PEN series film cameras, the E-P1 is Olympus's first foray into the Micro Four Thirds format.  Similar to the Four Thirds format, the Micro Four Thirds uses a sensor which is about a quarter of the area of a 35 mm full frame (still gigantic compared to sensors on most compact digital cameras), resulting in a focal length multiplier of 2.  It takes one step further in reducing the size of the camera by removing the mirror box in SLRs.  It seeks to give you the flexibility of interchangeable lenses of an SLR and the size comparable to a compact, but still maintaining a relatively high quality in the picture output.

The E-P1 has 12.3 MP (effective), ISO up to 6400, takes 720p video at 30fps in AVI motion jpegs, and comes with one of two lens kits (crop factor 2): either a 14-42mm lens (f-stop 3.5-5.6) or a 17mm pancake fixed lens (f-stop 2.8).  It also offers lens adapters for Four Thirds lenses and old Olympus OM lenses.  Unfortunately it doesn't have a viewfinder or built-in flash, although you can get them as hot-shoe accessories.

Leo has taken some pictures and videos on the Wine Train using the E-P1, which he will post to Smugmug in the fullness of time.  Meanwhile, you can check out another set of photos taken by Leo on his E-P1 on Smugmug.

TWiT Cottage Air-Conditioner

Leo is very proud of the air-conditioner he bought for the TWiT Cottage, with the help of Colleen and Mini Split Systems.  It's a Sanyo split-system, complete with temperature and flap control, Quiet Mode and Turbo Mode, and 17,000 BTU.

More Home Office Locations

More suggestions by Denny Pyott from Glide, Oregon for relocating the TWiT Home Office: Remote, Oregon, and Boring, Oregon.

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