Daily Giz Wiz 99: Oakley O Rokr

Episode 99 of the podcast

Subject: Review of Oakley O Rokr
Released:Thursday 6 July 2006
Length:about 10 minutes
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Short info

Oakley teamed up with Motorola for the latest version of their wearable electronics. It's the Bluetooth enabled O ROKR. They're very similar in design to the Thump 2's I showed on World News Now. But the frames have changed so owners can swap out lens for other tints. Also instead of built in MP3 playback, Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream audio from your iPod. But you'll need to add a Bluetooth transmitter to your iPod. I had trouble syncing my iPod with the O ROKR when using the NaviPlay Bluetooth device. But with the icombi it only took seconds for my iPod to pair up with the O ROKR. Like the Thump 2's, the O ROKR gives you full control of your music with the push buttons built right into the frames. Six direction movement of the custom Mylar speakers make for a great sound for their size. Price is on the premium side, $249 for the O ROKR and $99 for the Bluetooth adaptor.

Detailed information

A variation of the Oakley Thump 2 (Episode 8), the Oakley O ROKR has no built-in MP3 player, but is bluetooth-enabled so you can stream music or other sound from a bluetooth source, such as your cellphone.

The Hudson Hotel ...

... in Toronto was where Leo first suggested doing a daily gadget podcast to Dick.

"I'll Be Here"

Since Episode 4, Dick has been saying, "I'll be here," at the end of the podcast, on and off.  But it wasn't until a listener wrote in to tell Dick about it that Dick realised he had been saying it.  It's now Dick's official tag line.

June '06 What The Heck Is It

It's a guitar pick.  No, it's a candy corn.  No, it's the iSlice.  It has a special tip that sticks out of its housing which cuts various kinds of items, such as CD wrapping and coupons out of your newspaper (but only the top page).

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