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Podcast feeds

The following podcast feeds include all shows you would find in the official "Daily Giz Wiz" RSS feed, but offer you some additional features:
Automatic RSS feed
The unofficial RSS feed updates automatically, so it's always on time. Subscribe to it in your podcasting client and get fresh Daily Giz Wiz episode every morning.
"Download Old Shows" RSS feed
The "Download Old Shows" RSS feed includes every "Daily Giz Wiz" episode ever created and is intended for people who want to download old shows using podcasting client (eg. iTunes). After subscribing you can choose the episodes to download or download them all using "get all" option in your client. For other uses use the standard feed above.
"All Week Long" RSS feed
Works like a normal "Daily Giz Wiz" feed Monday through Friday, but on Saturday and Sunday it plays "Show-free Saturday" and "Sleeping-In Sunday" theme music to help you go through two days without the podcast.
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